What We Do

What good is it to invest thousands of dollars selecting skus, shooting vivid product images and writing compelling product descriptions…if people can’t find your products?

MINK is not an ecommerce platform. Nor is it strictly an SEO platform. Rather, MINK is a tool for creating and serving up relevant, high-demand items to your ideal customers at the exact moment they begin their search online, based on their specific search query.

Using your existing product data feed as a starting point, the MINK platform creates and populates pages with carefully selected products that will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and more revenue for your online store. All MINK pages are optimized for search engines like Google in order to increase organic traffic to your site by an average of 20%.

Best of all, MINK pages integrate seamlessly into your existing website with minimal tech resources required.

The Problem

Most ecommerce sites face significant hurdles when it comes to improving search optimization and increasing organic traffic. This occurs for two primary reasons:

  1. Ecommerce businesses are unable or unwilling to implement SEO guidelines for a number of reasons, including:
    • Lack of resources
    • Lack of prioritization or sense of urgency
    • Lack of understanding the benefits of SEO
    • Limitations within the current ecommerce platform that prevent or complicate SEO best practices
  2. Site taxonomy (navigation and product collection) is resistant to optimization methodology.

    How people think abstractly about a concept doesn’t necessarily mirror how they visually approach finding that information within a website. For this reason site navigation taxonomy (which relies heavily on visual cues) tends to be linear, while the abstract concepts of search are non-linear in nature. In other words –

    It’s extremely challenging to make an ecommerce site both user-friendly and SEO-friendly at the same time without making significant sacrifices one way or the other.

The Solution

MINK solves both of the above problems. The MINK platform dynamically creates pages designed for the non-linear searcher. These pages do not fit neatly within the construct of a linear-navigation-based website, nor do they need to. MINK allows for the integration of SEO-optimized pages within an existing site framework in a matter of weeks. No re-allocation of internal resources or re-prioritization of projects; no alterations to existing site taxonomy or navigation structure. The MINK platform is optimized for your specific category, targeting the ideal keywords that will drive the most traffic and sales.

Search engines love MINK pages because of their high relevance score. A low bounce rate ultimately leads to greater conversions for you as well. We have successfully implemented the MINK platform on ecommerce sites, classified sites, and auction websites for both sales and lead generation purposes.

Pay For Performance

After an initial implementation fee, you ONLY pay commissions on verified incremental sales or leads. We won’t cannibalize your existing traffic – we’ll drive new, untapped traffic to your site, increasing your traffic and sales volume by an average of 20% within 3-6 months on mature sites*. MINK is a risk-free way to increase free traffic and revenue.

Get Started

To find out if MINK is the right solution for you, fill out the contact us form or give us a call at 402.370.6196.

* If your site is new or has limited product selection you are not likely to realize much benefit from MINK.