How It Works

We research and identify search queries that are highly relevant to your product categories that your site does not rank for.

Utilizing the data in your product feed combined with keyword research across all of your product categories, our proprietary algorithm combines your product data elements in new ways and creates pages that are designed to target and rank for new keywords.


  • “highest rated leather sectional”
  • “Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump”
  • “LeapFrog Little Touch LeapPad”
  • “Most Comfortable Shoes”

Based on these keyword combinations, we create new organically optimized pages.

  • MINK Page Example

  • Client Page Example

  • MINK content lives on a sub-domain or within a sub-folder of your site
  • Pages look and feel like your website and consist of your product data and unique SEO friendly marketing copy created by us
  • Pages link directly to your shopping cart or other areas of your site


  • Rank for thousands of keywords your site would otherwise not be optimized for
  • First organic traffic arrives within 7 days of go-live
  • See an average lift of 20% over your existing organic traffic and revenue after 90 days
  • No impact to website or server performance

Implementation Process

The implementation process is simple:

  • No modifications to your existing pages or site architecture
  • Minimal IT involvement required. Typically 2-3 hrs.
  • Ability to launch within weeks

Within a week of launch, search engines index the new MINK pages. When a user clicks on a MINK page in the organic search results we set a 30-day cookie. When an order is placed or a lead form is completed a pixel fires, sending transaction info to MINK.

Track the success of your program in a customized dashboard.  Your dashboard provides day-by-day reporting of the overall traffic and sales as well as the keywords/pages that drove the transactions. Orders can be validated within your own analytics program or order management system (OMS).