Case Studies

Sporting Goods

Situation – This company is one of the largest sellers of gunsmithing parts, reloading supplies, and ammunition in the United States. They’ve been around for 3 generations and have a strong online presence, but the sheer size of their massive product inventory made it difficult to optimize the site well for every possible keyword.

What we did – In early 2012 we began creating what has grown to be 6,163 new pages for this client, targeting a mix of long-tail and priority keywords relating to their industry.

Results/Outcome – MINK’s success with this client has been nothing short of phenomenal, and at the present time comprises 35% of their total monthly organic revenue.

Pool Supplies

Situation – This company sells pool supplies including heaters, chemicals, and even above-ground pool systems for residential applications. They looked to MINK in order to increase their organic traffic in a competitive and crowded marketplace.

What we did – In 2012 we created 3,040 new pages targeting popular pool-related keyword phrases this client wasn’t yet ranking for.

Results/Outcome – MINK drove a 31% increase in organic revenue for the first half of 2013, and in their peak summer month MINK revenue was up 123% versus prior year.

Online Auction

Situation – This company provides live online auction streaming for industrial, art, and collectibles auction houses, dramatically increasing the number of individuals who are able to participate in the bidding process. Their high item turnover makes it difficult to obtain long-term organic rankings for some of their most critical keywords.

What we did – We created 859 new pages in order to target hot auction key terms. MINK brings keyword-targeted visitors to the site who must create an account in order to participate in the bidding process, making this client one of a small handful of lead-based clients.

Results/Outcome – MINK was able to generate 174 new leads for this client within the first 60 days of launch.