About Us


Jake Messerly



Jake is the President of MINK Commerce. He has over 10 years of internet marketing experience helping hundreds of businesses across a wide range of verticals expand their online traffic and revenue.

In addition to MINK Commerce, Jake resides as the President of Intertwine Interactive, an internet marketing agency based in Omaha, NE. He also holds key roles in several other successful ecommerce start ups. Before founding Intertwine in 2006 he worked for Top 100 Internet Retailer Hayneedle where he gained a vast amount of invaluable experience working in several key roles. Jake was a key catalyst in developing an algorithm for a best-in-class bidding model that provided the scalability needed to manage ad cost and profitability targets for hundreds of thousands of keywords across Hayneedles’ many sites.


Nate Eslinger

Director of Product Development


Nate is the Director of Product Development and has over 13 years of online marketing experience. Nate came up with the concept for MINK after working with dozens of ecommerce clients who were unable to readily implement SEO best practices due to lack of resources or other reasons, as a way to help them quickly and dramatically improve their organic metrics with a minimum of technical effort.

Before joining Intertwine, Nate was the Senior Marketing Manager at Internet Retailer Top 100 Hayneedle.com where he built a world-class ecommerce marketing team from the ground up including in-house SEO, affiliate, and comparison shopping teams. He has worked on literally hundreds of websites in his career, and has overseen the achievement of #1 rankings for over 100 websites. Under his watch, Hayneedle was recognized by Internet Retailer as the #1 SEO online player in the home living category, and the #4 player in all of e-commerce.